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This site was used to test, promote and distribute infusions and mods for PHP-Fusion. Right now I have very little time available and I do not assume I will have time in the near future. Download sections have now been opened to the public. You should not expect much activity here from my side in the near future and I am afraid I will not have (take) time to answer questions in the forum.

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Danish language file
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04-07-2010 00:30
Exploit in Private Message System reported
SecurityToday a exploit was reported in messages.php, the main file responsible for the Private Message System. It is been brought to attention of the developers and they will release a patch as soon as possible.
If you want to be certain that your site will not be affected by this exploit you are advised to remove messages.php from your server until the patch has been released.

The new exploit was confirmed by millw0rm: http://milw0rm.com/exploits/7173.

We are happy to announce that the exploit in messages.php that was reported earlier today is now fixed. Also updated is search.php to cure a few niggles, but that was nothing serious.

An update for v6 will follow soon.

The SVN and full download package have also been updated.

PHP-Fusion 7.00.2 Update - for 7.00.1 only (11KB).
· muscapaul on November 21 2008 13:37:49 · Print
Critical Security update for PHP-Fusion 7
SecurityAs you know a security issue was reported 10 November. Digitanium and the dev team have been working on the issue and a fix is now available for v7. We have yet to discover v6's flaw at this time but we believe it may be a non-core infusion.

Anyway, v7 users, a small update pack has been released. Simply extract the files and overwrite your existing files. Then go to Upgrade in your Admin Panel and follow the prompts.

The SVN and full download package have also been updated.

PHP-Fusion 7.00.1 Update - for 7.00 only (15KB).
· muscapaul on November 12 2008 14:00:01
0 Comments · 93243 Reads · Print
More updates
ModsThree downloads have been updated to run under PHP-Fusion v7: Latest Dowloads Panel (now v2.00), Users PM Inbox Full Alert Panel (now also v2.00) and the Pending Submissions Panel (now v3.00). See the Forum for more information.

In the package of the Terms Infusion I forgot to include the modification of ../maincore.php necessary for parsing glos tags. Since ../maincore.php will be updated in the final release of v7 (compared to RC1), I had to update the pacakge anyway, so you'll hardly notice the difference between the one update or the other. ;) Again, the info is in the Forum.

Due to some changes in the core of PHP-Fusion (pre-release) it was necessary to update the modifed ../profile.php and the upgarde script of the Extended Profile Infusion. We are on v3.01 now. See the Forum.
· muscapaul on July 15 2008 12:15:41
0 Comments · 79613 Reads · Print
Extended Profile major update (01.07.2008)
ModsI am pleased to announce a new version of the Extended Profile Infusion (v3.00) that is ready for the upcoming version of PHP-Fusion (now available as RC). It has the same functionality as before but with improved coding. PHP-Fusion v7 will have the inbuilt functionality of creating custom user fileds. However, these fields require the creation of custom files for these fields, including the required locale files. The Extended Profile Infusion does not require the addition of such files and once it is installed can be used for any number of fields without hassle.

- Fully updated to comply with PHP-Fusion v7.00 and for XHTML 1.0 compliancy.
- Dropped ../includes/edit_profile_admin.php (identical to ../includes/edit_profile.php) and ../includes/update_profile_include_admin.php (identical to ../includes/update_profile_include.php).

I may try to see if a conversion tool for transfer to the custom user fields can be created, but that will be in the pipeline at least until all my other infusions have been updated for v7.

See the forum for some more information and a link to the download or go to the Downloads section directly.

· muscapaul on July 02 2008 16:39:54
0 Comments · 38744 Reads · Print
Version update
ModsAn update is available for the Extended Profile (new version: v2.20).

The earlier performed query code was optimisation in ../includes/edit_profile.php, ../includes/edit_profile_admin.php, ../includes/profile.php and ../includes/profile_admin.php did not do the job it was supposed to do and resulted in missing/invisible fields so that fields could not be updated and in the admin part it could show the wrong information (data from admins profile rather than the user's profile) and in the profile pages 'Date joined' was not displayed correctly either. That part of the 2.19 update was undone and now it appears everything is back on track. Apologies for the inconvenience.
· muscapaul on February 11 2008 17:53:40
0 Comments · 77149 Reads · Print
Two updates
ModsThe PM Inbox Full Alert Panel is updated (v1.01) to correct a locale error. The Pending Submissions Panel is updated (v2.10) to optimize the queries in the panel. Download links in the forum or visit the Downloads section.
· muscapaul on January 28 2008 13:30:28
0 Comments · 89407 Reads · Print
Panel update and new panel
ModsThe Pending Submissions Panel is updated (new version: 2.00) to show only the lines with items that have been submitted and that await approval/activation. When no items are present at all, the panel will not even display. When items are present, the lines are links to the relevant admin pages and they will only be displayed to users with the relevant admin right.
In addition there is a new panel, the PM Inbox Full Alert Panel, to warn users that their PM Inbox is full. The panel will only be displayed when the inbox is actually full, so there is no panel visible for users that do not have to worry about their Inbox status yet.
See the forum for more information and download links.
· muscapaul on January 25 2008 17:59:27
1 Comment · 82831 Reads · Print
Extended Profile update (14.01.2008)
ModsAn update is available for the Extended Profile (new version: v2.19).

A bug was corrected (In some browsers Extended Profile fields after the first one did not show in the infusion's admin panel), the code was updated to comply with both HTML 4.01 Transitional and XHTML 1.01 Transitional standards and query code was optimised and adapted to PHP-Fusion standards in ../includes/edit_profile.php, ../includes/edit_profile_admin.php, ../includes/profile.php and ../includes/profile_admin.php.
· muscapaul on January 14 2008 18:08:36
0 Comments · 43943 Reads · Print
Major update Terms Infusion (17.12.2007)
There is a major update of the Terms Infusion (v2.00).

* The Update Publication Date feature that appeared to be incorporated in the Infusion is now functional.

* Moving the mouse over the question mark image signifying a [glos]Glossary[/glos] Term will show a popup layer with the Term Title, Explanation and (if given) Image.
* Clicking a marked Term that is not yet included in the Glossary will lead to an error page. (In the popup layer a message will appear with a similar message).
* Clicking a marked Term that has two different explanations in the Glossary will lead to a page with the the possible options. (In the popup layer the same is noticed and the visitor is requested to click the link to see the options.)
* Previously modified core files updated to add above mentioned features. In addition several other core files were modified (see separate instructions).

Updating from the v1.0x can be done by overwriting the existing files in the Infusion folder (beware to appropriately rename your infusion.php files!). To add the full Glossary featues when using the glos tags requires the modification of several core files. For an otherwise unmodified site you can upload all files from the changed-files folder. If you have already modified core files you need to check whether changes for the Glossary also apply to previously modified files (in which case you need to modifiy the file manually) or not (in which case you can upload the supplied modified file).

Check the Forum for future messages and download links
· muscapaul on December 19 2007 16:37:50
0 Comments · 36039 Reads · Print
Extended Profile update (13.12.2007)
An update is available for the Extended Profile (new version: 2.18).

Special character support is added for the Profile Field names displayed on the site, something that was missed in the earlier update to v2.15. Thanks to SoulSmasher for pointing out the oversight.
· muscapaul on December 13 2007 13:07:01
0 Comments · 36205 Reads · Print
Forum Threads Limiter update (09.11.2007)
ModsThe Forum Threads Limiter has been overhauled and now has added functionality to limit the number of new threads or post for each user globally. Modded core files are based on PHP-Fusion v6.01.13, so up to date. See the forum for more information and the download link.
· muscapaul on November 09 2007 18:02:06
0 Comments · 49287 Reads · Print
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